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About ESS

One of only a few investigation companies to achieve the British Standard 102000 for Investigation Services, ESS Consulting are a specialist investigation and security company that operate at governmental level. We have trained government departments and corporate security teams internationally in areas of covert surveillance, anti and counter surveillance and Protective Security.

Our Training

Our commercial training procedures are unique to the industry and give the student maximum value for money whilst preparing them for the challenge of forging a career in covert investigation.

Tutors for ESS have extensive operational backgrounds ranging from elite military surveillance units, metropolitan police armed surveillance teams and the British security services. Our instructors have successfully adapted to the challenges of working in the private sector and each one has created a successful business from covert investigation. Students are assured of the very best instruction adapted to the reality of the commercial world.

Continued Support

All students who train with ESS Consulting are given the opportunity to observe a live operation and gain valuable REAL experience to complement their training. This is subject to certain terms and conditions due to the sensitive nature of our criminal investigations. The student will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Students are also given the opportunity to refresh their learning with monthly continual professional development (CPD) opportunities with foot and mobile surveillance, security penetration testing and investigation related exercise days. These are designed specifically to endorse and consolidate the knowledge gained from the training programs and the CPD is free of charge.

Viable Commercial Presence

We empower the student by teaching the necessary skills to carry out operational assignments efficiently with confidence. We will also help you create the professional status necessary for a rewarding career in covert investigation subjects through continued support and advice.

Courses by this Provider (5)

Professional Investigation (SIA Endorsed) - Beginner

£850 4.8571 (7) Reviews
Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators
Options: 5 days contact time, classroom based. Suitable for new investigators and surveillance operatives.2 days contact time, classroom based. Suitable for the intermediate to experienced operatives. This award can a ... (read more)

Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

£450 5.0000 (4) Reviews
Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award Open Source Intelligence
About the Qualification This ESS course offers unquestionable value and a measured return on investment could be gained within the very first search. The course has received outstanding testimonials and it is currently ... (read more)

Basic Foot & Mobile Surveillance Course - 5 Day

£992 5.0000 (2) Reviews
Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award Covert Mobile & Foot Surveillance
About this Qualification This course has been specifically developed and structured for the beginner to intermediate student. It should be taken before attempting the advanced Level 4 course. Level 3 will provide the ... (read more)

Advanced Covert Surveillance

Qualification: IQ Level 4 Award Advanced Covert Surveillance
About this Qualification This course is structured for the advanced student. The training will cover a range of advanced techniques for foot and mobile surveillance, single crew surveillance, technical surveillance and ... (read more)

Physical Security Penetration Testing

Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award Security Penetration Testing
IQ Level 3 Award for Security Penetration Testing Security Penetration Testing is the planned and agreed infiltration and simulated attack to premises and/or persons. The procedures are carried out in a controlled manne ... (read more)