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HR Security 16-Day Close Protection Course

Gain the essential skills and qualifications for a career in close protection

In today's world, close protection officers need to be capable of operating in a diverse array of operating environments. From remote and hostile locations through to corporate and executive settings, each presents its own unique challenges. With this in mind HR Security one of the most highly recommended close protection training companies in the UK have developed a specialist course aimed at men and women seeking a career in the close protection industry. Our course will give you practical experience of the conditions in which you could be operating, and equip you with the qualifications and skills that will inspire the confidence of potential employers and their clients.

The course syllabus covers:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative

  • Threat and risk assessment

  • Surveillance awareness

  • Operational planning

  • Law and legislation

  • Close protection teamwork and briefing

  • Conduct reconnaissance

  • Close protection foot drills

  • Route selection

  • Close protection journey management

  • Search procedures

  • Incident management

  • Venue security

  • First person on scene (FPOSI)

What the course involves

Conducted at our facility in Bath in the south west of England, our 16-day course involves both theoretical and practical training.We thoroughly cover everything from the entry-level basics all the way through to high-level procedures such as physical intervention, first aid and trauma management competencies that are considered essential by employers in the commercial sector.By passing our course, you gain an SIA-accredited Certificate in Close Protection, as well as the HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection.

About HR Security

Founded by Matt Hellyer and Mark Reid, HR Security mission is to provide the best quality training both for service leavers and those already operating within the private security industry.Our staff are predominantly former UK Special Forces, with over 50 years operational experience between them. All our personnel have been carefully selected to ensure they have the appropriate operational backgrounds and qualifications to effectively teach close protection, surveillance and firearms skills.Our comprehensive and highly regarded courses have a market-leading instructor-to-student ratio. They provide students with the high level of professional expertise and continuity of training that will prove invaluable in their future roles.For more details, including course dates and prices, please call us on +44 1225 904680 or email

Enhanced Learning Credits funding

The HR Security Close Protection Course has been approved by the MOD for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding.The MOD’s ELC scheme is an initiative to promote lifelong learning among members of the armed forces, and provides financial support in the formof a single up- front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years.If you are a service leaver, or have left the services within the last 10 years you may be eligible to apply. Please contact your resettlement office or visit the ELCAS website for further information.

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