Journey Guardians


Dear all,
This is a totally unique service provided by Journey Guardians, we firmly believe in, and are passionate about your safety. We were set up in response to potential car jacking scam targeted against lone women drivers, we were asked locally to organise a network of Close Protection Officers CPO's (Bodyguards) to oversee andhelp guard lone women drivers and vulnerable travelers. we have taken this on board and have now a dedicated network of 200 CPO's, operating nationwide and ready at a moments notice, highly trained, most are EX Military and all are Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licenced holders of the highly acclaimed Close Protection Licence. We also have dedicated female CPO's on this contract. Our main aims are as follows:
1. To protect the vulnerable
2. To increase awareness
3. To showcase our sector and skills
4. To make it easy and accessible to contact a local CPO
5. To provide an affordable service to anyone who needs it
6. To reduce the mystic of what bodyguards do and how to hire them
7. To supply operatives of the same standard across the UK and beyond
8. To provide a user friendly team ready to be deployed at any location, for any operation
9. An organisation run by Bodyguards, for Bodyguards, to Bodyguard
10. To effect change, to react and to alter public perceptions

We have seen in recent weeks many crimes against our target customers, that is why we have now extended our range of services to include Hen nights, victims of stalking, or potential stalking, Domestic Violence, School journeys, OAP'S in need. We have just partnered up with Sierra Services Europe Ltd to extend our reach and with Tarik and Dan are now helping to provide more experience and ideas.Ã�Â
You can contact myself via email with your phone number to or call me direct on 44 7588966441

We look forward to helping you now and in the future. Kind Regards,Ã�Â
Journey Guardians Founder
"Our Priority Is Your Safety".