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Merit Training provides three paramedic programmes.

1. US NREMT Paramedic

2. Industry Paramedic

3. Flight Paramedic.

We also are designing a live fire combat medic course that certifies with an Exmed MIRA and a Euro Tactical weapons qualification.

Our instructors are former Green Berets, UK forces, Expedition medics and Offshore Medics.

Graduates of our Industry Paramedic course can make arrangements to attend the Offshore Medics Course with Exmed. Additional clinical experience is required post paramedic certification.

Courses by this Provider (5)

Industry Paramedic EMT-P

£5500 4.9583 (24) Reviews
Qualification: EMT-Paramedic
The required level of training for lead medics in industries such as close protection, mining and exploratory and expedition based research is EMT-Paramedic. This course provides the academic training along with the clin ... (read more)

Clinical Placement - Moldova

£500 4.0000 (3) Reviews
Come enjoy the rich culture of Moldova. It offers the best of both Russian and Romanian food and hospitality. During this placement you can have mentored access to the cadaver lab, operational theatre, labour and deliver ... (read more)

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B)

£1750 4.2000 (5) Reviews
Qualification: Remote Emergency Medical Technican
Certificates given Remote EMT BTEC Level 2 (UK) First Person On Scene -Enhanced The Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT) covers the City based EMT-Basic curriculum but focuses on aspects of providing medic ... (read more)

Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) Refresher

£675 5.0000 (1) Review
Qualification: Exmed, RCSEd
Refresher course for certified Exmed MIRA graduates. This course is offered in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. Students who are current Exmed MIRA graduates can attend this course to renew their certifica ... (read more)

Clinical Placements - South Africa

£500 4.6667 (3) Reviews
You will be placed in the Benoni ambulance base of ER24. It is located close to the international airport. The Bed and Breakfast is within easy walking distance to the ambulance station or you can choose to hire a car fo ... (read more)