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Shooting Training Solutions are primarily providers of Firearms Training. We are the only independent Company dealing solely in Firearms Training to have been accredited with UKAS ISO 9001- 2015 in the UK.

Shooting Training Solutions were the first company in the UK to offer a Maritime Firearms Familiarization, Competency and Refresher Course to Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP). We are proud to have trained some 4,500+ individuals in Firearms Training and are rivalled by none. The high standard of training, and the 98.8% feedback satisfaction from course participants says it all.

We run the following courses, or tailor make courses for you:

The Ultimate Special Forces Firearms Experience.

Special Forces Firearms Experience

Bespoke Firearms Course.

2-Day Land-based Firearms Course 

Competency Firearms Course.

Film Acting & Extras Firearms Course 

Police Firearms Training.

Pistol Courses.

Personnel Development Course.

Corporate Day.

Maritime Firearms Competency Course (Full Course) 

Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 

Dates and booking places on line at if no dates show please get in touch at or ring 0840 5874525.

Mark 'Nobby' Knowles Director and Training Instructor of Shooting Training Solutions has some 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces and the Royal Marines.

His Operational service stretches from the Falklands war in 1982, to serving in every Major conflict since, including 4 tours of Afghanistan. MK served for 5 years as the Chief Instructor of the Special Boat Service and 2 years as the senior SBS Instructor at 22 SAS. He has trained numerous individuals in an array of Firearms, Close Protection and under cover Operations, having gained immeasurable expertise in these areas from personal experience.

He has been decorated with MSM, QCB, Campaign Medals, Bars and Commendations for his service.

Courses by this Provider (10)

The Special Forces Firearms Experience

4.8125 (48) Reviews
Are you looking for an insight into the Special Forces and want to experience handling and firing weapon systems used in a safe and welcoming atmosphere? This is the experience for you based in the UK. This one day Speci ... (read more)

Pistol Course - 1 Day

5.0000 (6) Reviews
For those of you who are unaware of the UK Firearms regulations you cannot fire 9mm pistols in the UK. STS offer two packages where you can learn all about Pistol handling and become proficient and safe with the weapons. ... (read more)

FEAR Training Course (Firearms, Explosives & Ammunition Recognition)

5.0000 (9) Reviews
A combined 5 day Explosive, ammunition and Firearms recognition course run by 2 instructors that have some 70 years of operational experience in the fields of EOD and weapons training. This Bespoke course is run for orga ... (read more)

Special Forces Seminar

This one day insight into the world of the Special Forces gives you a look at one operators 33 year career and the experiences he had, from joining the Royal Marines in 1979 and fighting in every campaign from the Falkla ... (read more)

Bespoke Firearms Courses - Using various weapons systems, pistols and M4's

5.0000 (2) Reviews