Accessible to the greatest number (men and women), its training programmes, based on the recommendations of Comittee Of Tactical Casualty Care [CoTCCC] are in perfect adequacy with expectation of the professionals in the field and constantly revalued to remain with the international tactical or scientific level standards.

Although of military origin, the TCCC taught by SMAT is addressed to any civilian personnel for which a significant additional skills of tactical first aid in hostile environment is essential. The trainers of SMAT combine theoretical and practical knowledge and have a great experience in the field on operational mission. The lectures are taught by experts, former military, healthcare professionals.

Courses by this Provider (5)

Close Protection Course

Qualification: Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (QCF)
CPO .Acquire high skills in the assessment and management of high-risk and threats of VIP. Proactive protection on-site and dynamic on moving. Team Management.  Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operati ... (read more)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Full Combat Medic

Qualification: TCCC level 3
Open to all100 hours of training provided in Italy, Rome.The ultimate AB initio TC3! (ab initio “from the beginning”)Modules intensive shooting. Many drills in tactical situations (CUF care, TFC and CASEVAC day an ... (read more)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Qualification: TCCClevel 2
Open to all Advanced program. 40 hours of training. Put in situations, many drills outside for a realistic tactical situation. Training delivered in Italy (Roma). (4 days) Terms of admissions: Level 1 or equivalent ... (read more)

Close Protection Course + TCCC + FCC

Qualification: close protection level 3 (QCF) + TCCC level 2 + FCC
Concerned about provide relevant training, and constantly evolving in keeping with the expectations of its customers, SMAT proposes a CRES training course [Control Risk Executive Specialist] designed to address trai ... (read more)

Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269

Qualification: MSO IMO
Maritime SVS Limited is one of the leading training provider’s with the largest global presence covering 3 continents with SMAT LTD. We are also a key provider of personnel for operational maritime security services wi ... (read more)