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BY: Dynamis Insight

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Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Award


This course offers a professional, accredited qualification to those who wish to teach a legally accurate, safe and effective course in self-defence. The system of self-defence we recommend is behaviourally-based and incorporates modern motor learning and performance concepts.

Candidates are free to develop and use their own self-defence methods, however.

3-Days onsite plus approximately 25 hours of online learning and workbook assignments pre-course.

The course covers:
1: The Law in Relation to Self Defence and Personal Protection
2: Health & Safety Legislation for Running Self-Defence Courses
3: The Workings of the primitive Stress Response
4: The Science and Psychology of Combat
5: Self-Defence / Unarmed Defensive Tactics

The physical skills portion of the course will include modern approaches to the short-term management of violent assaults, including topics such as:

- shortening Reaction Time by recognising pre-assault behaviour
- the primitive fight and flight response and associated fear response mechanisms
- the relationship between arousal, stress and performance
- How Reaction Time and Decision Making effect motor skill performance
- capitalising on the natural strengths of the body's survival system

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Location: Scotland

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4 B-Tec Level 3 Self Defence Instructor from Dynamis Insight

The course was very well run, pitched at the right level for the candidates. I found the whole course interesting - the easy way in which the techniques move into one another was particularly interesting. The coaches were helpful and very professional. ... (read more)