4.7500 (4) Reviews Serpent Medic Programme

BY: Crown Training Academy

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.7500
Training Received4.7500
Value for Money5.0000

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5 Best on the Market IMO

I did this course; i finally selected it after speaking with a lot of other guys and researching via the Internet. It really was indepth and worth doing, he instructors were a mix of serving or ex military also current paramedic helped out for a few days ... (read more)

5 MIRA and EMT course.

Great course taken by an absolutely great instructor 23 years as a medic instructor with more tours in Iraq and Afghan than most guys with real hands on experience so he really knows his stuff to the point of having been seriously injured by ied himself . ... (read more)

4 Serpent Medic Programme

The course is intensive and enjoyable,. The instructors teach you in a way that will make you very competent in the skills that you are learning. There is a fair bit of written work to do every night which entails recollecting all you have learnt durin ... (read more)

5 Recommended

The courses clerk was helpful and I received my joining instructions promptly after booking the course. The course instructor was with out doubt both practically experienced and knowledgeable within his field and had a very good teaching technique using h ... (read more)