4.9286 (14) Reviews Pistol Course - 1 Day

BY: Associated Risks Group

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.8571
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £89

Qualification: ARG Concealed Carry


The Pistol course is a progressive course that will equip handgun operators with the advanced close range shooting skills, this program takes an aggressive modern approach to the in depth subject matter of a concealed carry and close range techniques with a handgun.

* Concealment and draw

* principles of marksmanship

* Flash sight picture

* Full sight picture

* Rapid target analysis and acquisition

Weapons Are a simulated system due to UK Legislation Package Includes: • Ammunition • Weapons & equipment use • All course fees Max of 12 students per course.

Location: North East

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5 pistol course

excellent training and advice from qualified instructor very friendly enjoyed the course I would recommend this company to everyone !

5 1 Day Pistol Course

Shooting is something that everyone wants to excel at for their own professional credibility. All too often on the range, ego (of the student, or the instructor), can be a real spoiler for making progress. Equally ‘shouty ranges’ with belt fed proce ... (read more)

5 methodical with attention to detail.

This was a very enjoyable day and I definately learned a lot, left feeling confident and had one on one instruction. The group was small, facilities excellent, training delivery methodical and careful. At all times I knew exactly what I needed to achieve, ... (read more)

5 Excellent course, excellent instructors

I attended the recent course in November and was immediately struck by both the excellent facilities and the professional approach of the instructors. It was quickly evident that both instructors had vast experience and specialist knowledge on the subje ... (read more)


I took part in this course to help me with my pre-deployment training in my close support role. Current military training only teaches you a limited understanding about pistol drills and even less with the principles of point and shoot within a close quar ... (read more)


Excellent course taught by experience professionals who actually know what their doing and talking about for a change. I've done this course a few times now, as I believe its the best out there.

5 no faults at all

I done this course as part of the ARG close protection course, no faults at all, if you think you know it all then do this course and you will see you actully dont know it all. i learnt things i didnt even think and know about.

5 Very good course

I found this course to be very useful and practical. A lot of high value information is covered and you stand to gain a lot even though its a one day course. The information and methods are not only of the highest quality but are delivered by top rate ins ... (read more)

4 ARG one day pistol course

Would just like to thank the ARG staff on a exllent coures as myself coming from a good amount of hostile work and been ex military back ground this days pistol course showed me more tatical approach to handling a pistol, Thanks guys

5 pistol

A great one day course. Highly recommended so much so I have done it twice.