4.9286 (14) Reviews Pistol Course - 1 Day

BY: Associated Risks Group

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.8571
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £89

Qualification: ARG Concealed Carry


The Pistol course is a progressive course that will equip handgun operators with the advanced close range shooting skills, this program takes an aggressive modern approach to the in depth subject matter of a concealed carry and close range techniques with a handgun.

* Concealment and draw

* principles of marksmanship

* Flash sight picture

* Full sight picture

* Rapid target analysis and acquisition

Weapons Are a simulated system due to UK Legislation Package Includes: • Ammunition • Weapons & equipment use • All course fees Max of 12 students per course.

Location: North East

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5 Excellent course

I attended a 1 day pistol course with ARG taught by Bob Dunkley. I can safely say that I learnt more in 1 day with Bob than with 9 years military service. Well delivered with excellent facilities I thoroughly recommend this course.

5 Great course

excellent course, great value for money and professionalism kept at all times by staff members

5 Well worth the money

I completed the 1 Day pistol course with ARG in 2012. Instructed by Bob Dunkley who has extensive experience teaching to the MOD and elite units it is fully recommended by myself. I went with the unfortunate attitude (dare I say it like many in the indus ... (read more)

5 Great Course

I Attended the 1 day pistol course with Associated Risks Group. The course was exceptional and the course instructors were aswell. I would advise this anyone looking to do this course as the value for money is up there aswell