5.0000 (5) Reviews Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B)

BY: Specialist Operational Support (SOS)

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.4000
Training Received4.8000
Value for Money4.8000

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5 Medical pre hospital training course Emergency Medical Technician.

Location Guatemala City, Centra America. My transition from just a security operative into an operative that could offer a more comprehensive toolbox of competencies to the end user, client. This course proved a pivotal point in my career, as it opene ... (read more)

5 Money well spent

i carried out a fair amount of research before investing my money in this course. It was harder than I anticipated fast paced and crammed with extras... Where else can you get to treat real gunshot injuries on your ambulance attachments. The instructors i ... (read more)

5 EMt - B Guatemala

I am a very pragmatic person and will often deliberate over choices for a time. I chose the SOS EMT-B course over other Medical course at the time due to the reviews, location and the hands on experience offered. From day one I knew I had made the righ ... (read more)


Agree 100% with what the previous review has stated and can't really add anymore, if you want a practical hands on course with quality clinical placements and not a Mickey Mouse 10 day classroom based course, then this is for you. Highly recommended!!! ... (read more)

5 SOS Group Ltd - EMT Course (Guatamala)

Probably the best course I have ever done to be honest. The Instructor invokes a great passion for Pre-hospital medical care and you have an excellent balance of instruction, moulage and the all important hands on real world experience. he ambulance atatc ... (read more)