4.7917 (24) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

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Training Received4.8333
Value for Money4.7083

Qualification: Pearson BTEC Level 2 First Person on Scene Intermediate


The First Person On Scene Intermediate award aims to provide essential underpinning knowledge and skills with an emphasis on understanding the why as well as the how. Particularly suited to Hostile Region Close Protection Operatives and Security Professionals the FPOS course is based on operational experience of the instructors involved. Designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help a person in a life threatening situation, areas covered include: Scene safety, minimising the risk of infection, patient assessment, basic life support and automated defibrillation, providing initial emergency patient care, being part of a medical response. The training programme has been created through a partnership between IHCD (part of Edexcel) and the faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College Of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This brings together two of the key educational and standards bodies in Pre-Hospital emergency care. FPOS meets the Security Industry Authority first aid requirements for Close Protection and can be delivered internationally. The course is held at our own training facility in Hereford. For the duration of the course students will live in comfortable residential type accommodation where all meals are included. The fourth week of the Hostile Environment Close Protection course is held in Poland. A short flight to Wroclaw sets the tone for your working adventure. Upon completion of this course successful students are awarded; Pearson BTEC Level 2 First Person on Scene Intermediate For further information, or to request a brochure, please contact the admin support team by phone 01981 251855 or email theoffice@roninconcepts.co.uk.

Location: Midlands

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4 a great course with plenty of useful information

Attended a great useful course with plenty of useful information should come in handy

5 Dense and Excellent

This FPOS - i course was very dense and I was surprised of the quantity of work during the courses and after. Every day, I use to work until 2200 hrs as a minimum, often until 0100 hrs. The manual is very clear and the instructors were impressive of k ... (read more)

5 A Great Week Of Learning

The Ex SF instructors were very approachable and had a vast amount of knowledge and life experiences to enhance their lessons. The use of an amputee casualty on the final training exercise was both traumatic and bloody - showing a level of realism…… ... (read more)

5 Ronin FPOSi

Best medical training I've ever had fantastic course thanks

5 Great Course

I found the FPOS-I, course interesting and enjoyed it. The instructors were well qualified and delivered the course material well, enabling the information to sink in. There was plenty of time to practice all the new techniques that we were taught and the ... (read more)

4 very enjoyable

great course,i would higly recommend

5 Ronin Concepts FPOSI

Took this course along with my Close Protection training. Have to say that the instructors on this phase of the course were superb. They were obviously experienced in not only instructing, but also in delivering medical treatment on the front line. They d ... (read more)


Very good course in every aspect. The only down site is, they are hard to find, especially if you are not from UK.

5 good choise

Good choise,thanks.

5 Highly Realistic.

Fantastic in depth course, i was a team medic in the Pathfinder Platoon and it still taught me things and reminded me of the basics. With use of amputes on the final exercise the training was both traumatic and bloody showing a level of realism rarely se ... (read more)