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Price: £695

Qualification: NRA Approved instruction


Duration: 2 days | Price: £ 695.00 | Including Accommodation & VAT * quote TheSecurityAdvisor.co.uk and get 10% off the price shown Introduction This Maritime Firearms Competency Course is delivered by former Royal Marine and UKSF firearms instructors that have been approved by the National Rifle Association as Club Coaches and Range Conducting Officers. The course is delivered from a purpose built indoor shooting complex in Dorset that has various ranges on site including a 25m, 100m & a laser judgemental Trainer. The training has been designed to meet the requirements of the Maritime Security Industry. As a signatory company to the ICoC (International Code of Conduct lor Private Security Service Providers), we take great pride in offering the highest standards of international firearms training in the UK. Our training programmes meet the guidance and legislation from the International Maritime Organisation and the proposed IS028007 standard. Pre-requisites This Maritime Firearms Competency Course is a Pass or Fail course and the emphasis will be on safe handling at all times. If you are deemed to be unsafe to continue the training course for any reason then your position on this course will be terminated without the eligibility to a refund. Due to the nature of this training all students must present the following documentation in scanned format to TTW prior to your place being allocated: Passport or national Identification Criminal record check (less than 12 months old) Proof of Military or Police firearms Service This documentation must also be presented on day one of the course in original format. Failure to do so will result in your place on this course being forfeited. Course syllabus The Maritime Firearms Competency Course will run over 2 days and will include the following lessons: Introduction to various firearms Judging distance Marksmanship principles Firing from elevated and unstable platforms (Theroy) Bore sighting Use of sight and optical systems Stripping and assembly Maintenance and cleaning Immediate action drills Scenario training Rules on the Use of Force (RUF) Weapon Handling Tests Live Fire Practical Assessments This is a Pass or Fail Maritime Firearms Competency Course. Assessment is in the form of a multiple choice theory exam, Weapon Handling Tests on each firearm and a live fire practical assessment. A detailed record including live fire card, test results and performance report will be held on record by The-Training-Wing. Please note the weapons used will be 5.56/.223 straight pull and will include as a minimum: AK47 / Saiga M3 Steyr Scout M4 Oberland SLR Additional weapons also available including Weatherby shotgun, G3.

Location: South West

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5 Fire Arms Competency

Another really good course, well worth the money, priced around the middle of the market, but offering full bore shooting at a private shooting club. Good instruction through out, from experienced tradesman. Due to the age of some of the equipment SLR's ... (read more)


Knowledgeable and friendly instructors, quality training facility and more than comfortable accommodation. This is the third course I've undertaken with TTW and as always, the training has been outstanding.

4 very good

Very good , in depth details and easy to get on with instructors , well worth the time and money