Advanced Driving

BY: Task International


TASK International provides a comprehensive high-quality Advanced Driver training package, aimed to equip close protection officers with the relevant skills and knowledge essential for safe driving and security awareness. This unique course is fundamentally a chauffeur course with a close protection element incorporating essential skills such as driver awareness and risk management, through to evasive and emergency driving techniques Modules Include: Detailed highway code presentation Introduction to defensive and advanced driving module Awareness training surrounding road rage and necessary safety procedures Embus / Debus drills Duties and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Driver Route Selection, Driver Awareness & Risk Management Skills Tactical Driving & Evasive Driving procedures Hard Cover (Safe Havens) Safe and efficient fuel driving presentation (SAFED) Emergency procedure, Accidents. Standard operating procedures Basic driving techniques, checks and the cockpit drill Demonstration and practice of the system of car control Practice emergency procedures for the CP driver (simulated)

Location: South East

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