5.0000 (3) Reviews Multi Environment Security Operator Course (MESO)

BY: Edson Tiger

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Qualification: HABC Level 3 Close Protection Operations


The Course The Multi-Environment Security Operator (MESO) training package is a unique course. It provides you with the qualifications and skills required for employment as a security professional within the private security industry in the UK or overseas and in high risk environments. The course leads to a recognised UK qualification; HABC, Close Protection operations (CPO) level 3 Certificate, as well as the Edson Tiger Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Certificate. It is an intensive programme run over two weeks which recognises any previous relevant experience and training, such as that gained in the military or police service. Qualifications Awarded Successful candidates will be awarded: - HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection Operations - Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Certificate The Level 3 Certificate is required by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) for licensing as a security professional to work in the UK and for those engaged on security contracts overseas which are funded by the UK Government. Content and Delivery The course not only covers the syllabus for the Close Protection Level 3 Certificate, but delivers the training in the context of challenging and high threat environments. Additional subjects include the use of lethal force; anti and counter surveillance; threat management in a high risk context. The MESO is specifically designed to prepare students for work in a variety of roles and environments. As well as classroom instruction we place a strong emphasis on teaching by demonstration and on dynamic, scenario based training. All course students must have previous relevant (military or police) experience which means that it is more intense in its delivery and advanced in its content. The course covers the following key areas: * Close Protection and Protective Security Detail (PSD) Operations * Hostile Environment Security Operations and Tactics Eligibility The course is primarily intended for former members of the armed forces and the police service who wish to move into the private security sector as security and close protection operators. Others with appropriate skills and knowledge, such as experienced security personnel, who wish to further develop their skills, may also be accepted. The Venue The training takes place at Farncombe Conference Centre in the Cotswolds a bespoke conference and training venue set within a 400 acre estate which we use for exercises and scenario training Why choose MESO? - The course is designed to meet the needs of those planning to work in a variety of high threat and execiutive protection environments in the UK and overseas - The course is desgined and delivered by experienced practitioners from the Royal Marines, Police and the Intelligence and Security Services - The course is exclusivley for former military and police personnel and takes into account your previous relevant experience - We include scenario based training and cover a number of subjects beyond the level 3 syllabus - The MESO package is eligible for ELC funding and appproved by the MOD Administration and Costs Course Code MESO 5649 Cost Total Course Cost £2,350 ELCAS Claimants Amount to be paid by Learner, minimum 20%: £470 Edson Tiger Training ELCAS reference number: 5649 Food and Accommodation is not included but this is a residential course and is available on site. This can be organised by your education staff. Course Dates Call or email for course dates. Application Procedure Contact Edson Tiger Training Limited and request an application form. Call 01626 866966 or email us at info@edsontiger.com http://www.edsontigertraining.com/meso_package.php

Location: Midlands

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5 An Outstanding Course

The Edson Tiger MESO course is exceptional. The experience and expertise from all the instructors was displayed on a daily basis. The skills and procedures that I was taught and the degree of knowledge that I now have, have certainly prepared me for worki ... (read more)

5 A very well rounded course

From day one the information and the clear wealth of varied knowledge available was outstanding. Throughout the duration of the course, the instructors couldn't do enough to help and they are still on hand to this day to help out where they can, be t ... (read more)

5 edson tiger

very professional and make the training course very interesting, all the staff were extremley helpful and very experienced.