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Duration: 5 days | Price: £ 795.00 Including VAT & Accommodation

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The Basic Safety Training course as approved under STCW95. This course can be taken as a full 5 day package or as individual modules to suit your needs. The course is delivered through a mixed mode of theory and practically based exercises. Students will be expected to participate in physical activities and a medical declaration is required prior to the course being taken


Items listed below are essential for the course. If these are not available they could delay us in processing your certificates.

  • Passport photo – for our training records
  • National photographic identification – Passport or driving licence(a legal requirement)
  • Seamans Card and Discharge book (if available)

Course syllabus

The aim of this training module is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out his/her duties.

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW95 A-VI/1-4)

This 1 day course gives basic induction training in safety procedures, accident prevention and familiarises new seafarers with employment and working conditions aboard a ship.

Individual price £99.00

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW95 A-VI/1-2)

This 2½ day course covers the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fire on board a ship, the causes of fires and the first means of extinguishing them. Includes theory and training in the practical use of fire extinguishers, hoses and other fire fighting equipment. It also covers the use of breathing apparatus for fire fighting and rescue purposes. Live fire training is undertaken.

Individual price £495.00

Elementary First Aid (STCW95 A-VI/1-2)

This 1 day course is a mixture of theory and practical sessions covering basic first aid and Basic Life Support skills.

Individual price £99.00

Personal Survival Techniques (STCW95 A-VI/1-1)

This 1 day course covers both theoretical and practical elements and teaches the actions to be taken by individuals to protect themselves in the event of ship abandonment and emergency situations. It includes a practical swimming pool session with immersion suits, life jackets and inflatable life raft drills.

Individual price £99.00

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5 Very Good

The training wing near Tidworth, professional trainers and an after care of their students which in my opinion is second to none.