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Price: £5500

Qualification: EMT-Paramedic


The required level of training for lead medics in industries such as close protection, mining and exploratory and expedition based research is EMT-Paramedic. This course provides the academic training along with the clinical experience necessary to competently operate in those fields.

The students begin the course by completing online Anatomy & Physiology and continue to cover the main course textbook, Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets with online exams.

Students will also receive ACLS, ITLS and PALS certification.

Course breakdown

Part I: 550 hours of online training

Part II: 4 week classroom based training consisting of lectures, hands on training and exams.

Part III: 400 hours of clinical placement.

We currently have ambulance placements in Johannesburg, South Africa and Moldova. We have hospital placements in Bristol, UK, Moldova and Johannesburg, South Africa, Malta and Tallinn, Estonia. Students may also arrange their own clinical placements upon the approval of Merit Training. Students have 6 months after their paramedic exams to complete the clinical training.

What is included:
Accommodation during clinicals in Moldova or South Africa

What is not included:
Travel costs

Dates: Start anytime. Classroom dates are held four times each year in Malta.

Graduates of the Industry Paramedic course can register with AREMT as a Paramedic.

Additionally, arrangements can be made for graduates to take the Exmed Offshore Medics Course with additional clinical experience.

Location: Ireland

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5 Worth it

I was given a grepat big flat in Malta.  The staff cares about the students and teaching.

5 Industry Paramedics

I have recently Completed my Phase 2 of my EMT-P Course with Merit Training, i have to say it is the hardest course i have ever under taken even with my 22 years Military Service. The course is well structured with excellent Instructors from different bac ... (read more)

5 Industry Paramedic

I completed the Malta phase of the Industry Paramedic course in November 2015. As anticipated, the course was very demanding. It seemed that everyday we were learning something new while not having the time to reinforce what we had learned previously. Per ... (read more)

5 Industry paramedic

I attended the Industry paramedic course in Feb 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed the course I found the initial online part challenging but I learned a lot. The classroom phase was very well organised and although there is a lot to cover the quality of instru ... (read more)

5 Industry Paramedic

A very high and intensive course. Don't expect to come in Malta for the classroom in mode "holidays" . I strongly recommand you to have all the theorie from Nancy's Caroline Book fresh in your head . You will be pushed under pressure all the 4 weeks . Wi ... (read more)

5 emt p

Finshed my industry course in feb 2015. Excellent course but very demanding. Be under no illusion of what is expected from you.

5 Merit Industry Paramedic cse

I have found Merit a very professional organisation, from the initial start of joining the programme the admin and support staff are informative, friendly and very helpful. On arrival in Malta for the course, transport from the airport is provided to the ... (read more)

5 EMT-P training in Malta

Having been out of the medical industry for over a decade, I really wanted to get back into it and eventually work as an industry paramedic, particularly in Oil and Gas. Merit's EMT-P Industry Paramedic course has given me exactly what I needed to conti ... (read more)

5 Industry paramedic course August 2014

The whole package merit have to offer is first class learning starting with the initial online modules which consists of 51 chapters and online tests you get full support from the online tutors if you have any questions about the book or anything to do wi ... (read more)

5 Industrial Paramedic

The Industrial Paramedic is an excellent course . The Merit Instructors and the Doctors were excellent, great team work. The course is not an easy one , you have to be determined and focused to get through the Merit Industrial Programme. If you h ... (read more)