4.0000 (3) Reviews Clinical Placement - Moldova

BY: Merit Training ltd

Review Breakdown
Customer Service2.3333
Training Received4.6667
Value for Money3.3333

Price: £500


Come enjoy the rich culture of Moldova. It offers the best of both Russian and Romanian food and hospitality. During this placement you can have mentored access to the cadaver lab, operational theatre, labour and delivery, A&E and front line ambulances where they respond to 700 emergency calls each day. You will be placed with an English speaking mentor or have an English speaking translator whilst getting hands on experience.

The Bed and Breakfast is a 15 minute trolley ride from the hospital. It has a two bed self catering flat, high speed internet and easy access to pubs and supermarkets. You will be served with a cooked breakfast in your flat each morning.

During the first day of your placement you will have an English speaking medical student show you around the hospital and ride with you on the public transport in order for you to get used to the bustling city of Chisinau. She will show you the local markets and stores.

Location: Europe

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4 Great leaning experience.

I found this an excellent placement, as the pace in the hospital is a lot slower than in the uk, which gives you plenty of time to practice the skills you have been taught. The doctors i worked with whilst on shift where extremly helpful in helping with g ... (read more)

4 Clinical placement - Moldova

Thoroughly enjoyed the reanimation shifts as you get plenty of hands on with intubation and IV access. Changing tracheostomy tubes, catheterisation, general first aid and also helping out in surgery. Grest tutors in Mikhail and Vitali, The other shifts ... (read more)

4 Moldova clinical placement

In a word "Excellent" My first two days were predominantly spent observing the Doctors and Surgeons in the respective departments. It was important for them to understand what level I was at and what ‘hands on training’ I wanted to do. I knew that m ... (read more)