4.5000 (2) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

BY: Alpha Safety Training Limted

Review Breakdown
Customer Service5.0000
Training Received4.5000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £400

Qualification: BTEC Level 2 FPOSI


The IHCD First Person on Scene or FPOS is a five day course held at our Swansea centre that will equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to treat casualties in a variety of emergency situations, including roadside incidents, remote areas and hostile environments. The training will enable students to stabalise casualties and assist the emergency services on arrival. The main element of the course is the IHCD Royal College of Surgeons First Person on Scene intermediate award. Students will learn how to triage patients, causality assessment, stabilisation of accident and trauma victims, how to do a proper handover to the emergency services and how to confidently assist the Paramedic. The course is hands on and extremely practical and is delivered by ex- Military and serving Emergency service personnel.

Location: Wales

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4 AlphaMed FPOS(I) review

A wealth of information delivered by the vastly knowledgable Steve Richards, owner and principal paramedic of a private medical service provider. Very realistic training and testing scenarios and I completed the course and passed the assessment with more ... (read more)

5 First person on scene intermediate

I attended the first person on scene intermediate (fposi) in jan 2014. The course was carried out in a profesional manner. All of the trainers were experienced and highly profesional. I would recommend them to anyone.