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Customer Service4.8333
Training Received4.7778
Value for Money4.8889

Price: £1550

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection inc. First Aid plus extra training in Surveillance, Krav Maga and Firearms


SQR Security Solutions is running a 20 day BTEC Level 3 course in Close Protection. In addition to the compulsory course material required for the SIA qualification, we will provide extra training in Surveillance, Krav Maga ( Hand to Hand combat), Live firearms (3 days in Poland) and First Aid certificate, all delivered by experts in the relevant subjects.

The course covers the knowledge and skills required to operate in the private sector as a close security officer. During your intensive 20 day programme that includes First Aid at Work, both theoretical and practical assessments will be conducted to ensure you are trained to the highest standard to act as a discreet CPO. Upon completion of training, you will eligible to be licensed as a professional operative under the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

To prepare you for work, the SQR group instructors will guide you through the Edexcel accredited level 3 BTEC qualification with a combination of classroom based learning and off-site drills. The course begins by explaining the legislature that regulates private close security, then moves on to the basic requirements of the role; this includes interpersonal skills and the importance of functioning as a member of a larger team. Officers will then be instructed in threat and risk management, in both an active, present context as well as how to prepare and plan in advance.

We then introduce the cardinal skills required to work in this high-end sector of the security industry. You will be trained and assessed on surveillance techniques and reconnaissance, foot drills and vehicle operations, and finally, the theory and practice of conflict management. An additional 3 days at the end of the course is added to teach a First Aid at Work course, which is required to qualify for an SIA license.

Location: London

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5 Close Protection Officer

The best Protection course ever 110%

4 Close Protection officer

Very excellent Cours! Nice trip to Polen a weekend for Fire arms course. excellent trainers on the hole course. A'm satisfied. 

5 Close Protection Officer

I learn a lot of this course! It was 100 % perfect. 

5 Wonderful Experience!

SQR Group's CP course is second to none, hands down, a great company to do a CP course with, the trainers are wonderful, and very experienced in the field. I throughly enjoied the course, and made some good friends along the way, I would recomend this c ... (read more)

5 Great Experience, Highly recommended course

I highly recommended The SQR group if you are trying to choose a close protection course! The course was great, it was active and informative your not sat in a class room with your nose in a book your put in the field learning the job the real way! W ... (read more)

5 Best Life Changing Decision

For a majority of my life everything I have done has been sport related and I felt as though it had started to get bored. I completed the course as a way to challenge myself and open new doors. This course was brilliant and challenged skills that I still ... (read more)

5 sqr Close protection course

I recomand everyone who is thinking about become a CPO to take This course. You are not sitting face down in A book all day, You are out an learning in the field. I had a great time in London on the course and it'a a good start to get in the CPO business. ... (read more)

4 Good and bad

I'll start with the positives. The course itself was very good and professional. The Iinstructors were all very experienced and knew their stuff. Sgt Knight, the main instrucor, was a great guy and an absolute credit to the company. Also Joel Bennett, ... (read more)

5 nice

worth to spend

5 close protection 20 days of BTEC Level 3

I would Highly recommend SQR security solutions to anyone wishing to do close protection course! I had a very good learning time I finished the course close protection with positive 20 days of BTEC Level 3. It taught me a lot, It made my qualifications hi ... (read more)