5.0000 (5) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

BY: Galahad Associates Ltd.

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Qualification: Edexcel L2 First Person on Scene Intermediate


The Galahad Associates FPOS - I course is realistic and practical, aimed at security operatives and the specific situations they may encounter. As well as covering the obvious injuries related to trauma we also look at the more likely medical emergencies encountered when working with principals, including paediatric care. It represents a significant progression from the first aid basics, introducing students to rapid assessment and stabilisation as well as patient care and observation post incident. The course covers the following: The pre-hospital environment Scene management Triage Patient assessment Respiratory and airway management Opening and maintaining airways Bag Valve Mask (BVM) Basic life support Defibrillation Circulation and shock Recognition and initial care of critical hemorrhage Medical related emergencies Heart attack, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy Trauma-related emergencies including ballistic and blast injuries Treatment of burns Injuries to bones, joints tendons and ligaments Spinal stabilization Introduction to IV fluid therapy All elements of our course are tailored to suit the people taking part, and made relevant to the areas they will be operating, from personnel providing security in hostile environments, to maritime security officers, but at its core are the skills needed to give them confidence when dealing with casualties. Located at our 100 acre training facility in Hampshire, this is an extremely practical course that gives attendees extensive hands on practice during multiple scenario led exercises. The course runs over 5 days and is priced at just £495.00 including VAT For more information and to view a short video of the course please visit our website at: www.galahad-associates.com/training-courses

Location: South West

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5 Excellent FPOS - I course for your CPD

In an industry with ever increasing goal posts I found myself in the position of looking (having) to complete the FPOS - I course, so the search began! With so many Training Providers (TP's) plying for business I wanted to find a course that was not the ... (read more)

5 Realistic and informative course

I attended the FPOS-I course run by Galahad Associates in June and I was impressed from the outset. The training area is huge and the facilities are excellent….how many courses provide a free lunch?! John the trainer was highly experi ... (read more)

5 You simply won't get a better course anywhere in the UK

After doing thorough research on all the providers and speaking to oppos who have done FPOS. Galahad stood out as the clear winner by miles. For a start they are £100-£150 cheaper than most providers and their facilities are excellent. Th ... (read more)

5 The best medic course

A very good and life like training course. The open facility's on hand at this training course are massive. Loads of open space from wooded areas, to sandy off road tracks for more life like scenarios and exercises. The teacher was extramaly experienced i ... (read more)

5 Review of Galahad Associates FPOS-i Course

Since 2007, I have worked as a freelance instructor for a number of CP training firms - primarily as a combatives instructor. This has brought me into contact with a number of instructors, from those delivering the core SIA CP course, to those covering mo ... (read more)