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BY: Prime Media Safety Ltd.

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Qualification: Media Security Adviser


Prime have been delivering high risk training and security services to broadcast media organisations for the last 12 years. As part of our own commitment to quality service we deemed it necessary to provide enhanced training to our CPO's in order to better equip them for the dynamic situations they face when operating with a media crew. Working with organisations such as BBC, Sky, ITN and CNN, to name a few, our operators our frequently expected to facilitate the needs of a media crew whilst negotiating and mitigating live threats. As the role with media security has evolved Prime has worked closely with the media organisations to improve safety, part of this is the provision of specialist training to the CPO’s we supply. The result of this is organisations insisting that the CPO’s we supply have completed this level of training.

What we are offering;

Prime provide 2 levels of training for media security advisers. The first is a 1 day classroom based course where the focus is the directed towards the nuances of working with the media and the enhanced skills required to effectively carry out the role. Whilst this is a classroom based course our ethos towards all training is that we make it as practical as possible with a ‘hands on’ approach being paramount.

During this course you will cover;

  • Working with the media
  • Pre-deployment considerations and post incident reporting
  • Team work
  • Threat awareness
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Positioning and Profile
  • Dealing with the public, resolving conflict and extracting a team – inc. certificated physical intervention session
  • Police awareness
  • Working in buildings

The cost of this course is £185 + VAT for individuals or £1200 + VAT for group bookings of up to 12 delegates (for group bookings training facility is to be supplied by the group booking although we can provide this at an additional cost). Courses are being delivered in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester.

The second option is to complete our enhanced course which incorporates all of the above with the addition of live public disorder scenarios. Based at the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training centre training is conducted alongside real police officers and integrated into our Media Public Order Safety Awareness course delivered to journalists from all of the mainstream organisations. This course offers some of the most realistic simulated disorder training in the world and of course the opportunity to test yourself in situations that would push even the most experienced operators. This course also allows you the opportunity to work and socialise with real journalists.

The course is run over 2 days with 1 nights accommodation and food for the duration included in the price. This course really is ‘once in a lifetime’ type stuff (it’s not every day you have petrol bombs thrown at you!) and the experience gained is priceless.

The cost of this course is £720 + VAT inclusive of food and accommodation.

Location: London

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5 Media Security Advisers Course

I found this course to be of great help as I work along side the media in all situations. It gave me a great insight to the way the media works and how best to deal with their requirements. Being ex forces I found that there is a vast difference betwe ... (read more)


I found this to be a fantastic course, I work along side the media in all situations and this course gave me additional information. It gave me a greater insight into the way different media organisations work. I have been on the "Circuit" for many year ... (read more)

5 Media Security Advisors Course

I have worked with members of the media in various situations and have seen how some deal with a real threat or risk to them. This course gives real insight into the needs of different members of the media team to produce decent and meaningful reports. ... (read more)

5 Excellent Insight to the Media

i have worked with both radio and TV crews as a security presence and found that this course fillled in the gaps. CPO's will have to adjust their drills and SOP's to accommodate the working practice of the media and this course will be of great assistance ... (read more)