5.0000 (2) Reviews Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA)

BY: The Transeacure Group (TSG)

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Customer Service4.5000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Qualification: Exmed, RCSEd


The Medicine in Remote Areas Course (TM) has been developed to provide students who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care with the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in a remote environment. The course focuses on stabilisation of the injured through to the knowledge and skills required for prolonged field care.

The MIRA course is certified by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, it is designed for medics working in the oil/gas industry, the media industry, expedition and exploration personnel, medical support for disaster relief and humanitarian organisations, mountain rescue, and search and rescue personnel.

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Location: South West

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5 Quality

A quality course delivered by a quality experienced instructor. I fully recommend this course from this provider.


Great instructors and great course, learnt a lot and got alot of hands on. Again the location is a bit out of the way depending on where your located in the UK.