5.0000 (2) Reviews Covert Surveillance Course

BY: Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.5000
Training Received2.5000
Value for Money3.5000

Qualification: Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators


Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd with its unique talent for initiative has developed a covert surveillance course second to none to realistically prepare the operative in all aspects of surveillance and investigation. Men and women who undertake this course will greatly increase the opportunity for employment in the corporate field as well as in hostile environments world-wide. The course covers all necessary surveillance core competencies within a one week period.

This 7 day course is held at our own training facility in Hereford.

Upon completion of this course successful students are awarded;

Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF)

For further information, or to request a brochure, please contact the admin support team by phone 01981 251855 or email theoffice@roninconcepts.co.uk.

Location: Midlands

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5 Mobile and foot Surveillance

This couse is designed to give you the ability to plan and conduct mobile and foot surveillance however it will not teach you or cover static surveillance like other providers do who combine the whole surveillance into one. It is not worthy of the mone ... (read more)

5 Ronin Concepts Covert Surveillance Course Review

I am not being paid or receiving any benefit for writing this review. This review is my honest opinon of the course's strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses: 1. Simply not enough time to master the material. A course of this nature could (and probably s ... (read more)