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NAEMT's Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) is recognised around the world as the leading continuing education program for pre-hospital emergency trauma care.

PHTLS promotes excellence in trauma patient management through global education of all providers involved in the delivery of pre-hospital care. PHTLS is developed by NAEMT in cooperation with the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.

PHTLS courses improve the quality of trauma care in your area and decrease mortality. The program is based on a pre-hospital trauma care philosophy, stressing the treatment of the multi-system trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs. This may require an approach to the trauma patient that varies from traditional treatment modalities.

The format is a 2 day provider course, qualifications to enrol are Health professional (EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, Doctor) or CMT1, or others with suitable relevant qualifications and experience.

Certification comes from NAEMT/RCS (England) and is valid for 4 years.

We also offer accommodation at Pengethley Manor Hotel where the course is located, the price shown is for the course only. The booking page contains information about pricing and hotel options.

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5 Exmed Deliver Again

Having already completed my first MIRA with Exmed 10 years ago not long after the company’s inception I didn’t hesitate in booking my latest training course with them. The PHTLS course is aimed at health care professionals and is definitely a leap up ... (read more)

5 Exmed PHTLS Review

Before attending the course, I knew of Exmed' reputation as a quality training provider, however, within this industry I have found that many people critiquing courses don't have relevant experiences to back up their reviews, so I don't always lend great ... (read more)