Tactical Pistol Course - 2 Day

BY: UK Tactical Training Limited

Price: £650

Qualification: 2 year competency certification


Day 1 • We depart from Birmingham Airport 15/02/14.

Day 2 • 8 hrs at our indoor range.

Day 3 • 8 hrs at our indoor range.

Day 4 • Depart back to Birmingham Airport.

This is a tactical course not just a point and shoot down a lane at paper targets. You will be learning various different drills, taught by our firearm/combat instructor.

You will be under continuous observation and assessment plus receive every instruction on reaching the highest standards possible.

Accommodation is included, plus up to 400rds

of 9mm ammunition.

Price of the course is £650.00.

A deposit of £150.00 secures a place with the balance due 5 working days before departure.

All payment is by BACS

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