5.0000 (7) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

BY: North East Rescue And Medical Services

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Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £350

Qualification: BTEC Level 2 FPOSI


IHCD First Person on Scene-Intermediate FPOSI (30 guided learning hours)

Now recognised as the minimum industry standard for medical training in the security industry, no experience necersary. You will benifit by learning from miltary and security trained medical experts.

You will recieve a level 2 Pearson Edexcell award following your successfull completion of the course.

Some of the topics you wil cover include:

Equipment preparation
Patient Psychology and communication skills including non English speaking patient communication
Mechanism of Injury and scene surveys
Catastrophic Haemorrhage control (includes haemostatic agents, pressure dressings and the new IT clamp system)
Airway management including the use of oropharyengeal, nasopharyengeal airways and suction
Breathing assessment, respiratory patterns bag valve mask and stethoscope use
Circulatory assessment including BP, SPO2
Dysfunction assessment including BM and Body temperature checks
Defibrillator use and cardiac rhythms
Soft tissue injuries and wound dressing
Muscular Skeletal Injuries
Thoracic injuries
Poisoning and drug overdose
Recognition of the deteriorating patient
Epilepsy and seizures
Encephalitis and meningitis
Head and Spinal injuries including use of vacuum immobilisation, scoop stretchers and long boards
Fractures and splinting
Oxygen and Entonox
M.I.S.T handover and Patient Report Forms
Vehicle extrication awareness or Rope rescue awareness (TBA)
Helmet removal
Paediatric BLS

Location: North East

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A 5 day intensive course taught by Adam Barret from NERAMS. Found the course to be brilliant in the respect that having done some First Aid training previously,i found that the extra areas covered blended all the parts together seamlessly. Although hard w ... (read more)

5 April F-pos course

Did the 5 day course in Wylam, Northumberland. Good transport links by car, rail and bus. Lovely rural setting in the valley next to the river Tyne. I got taught by Aled who is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to knowledge and teaching at the higher a ... (read more)


I can highly recommend this FPOS-I course.The location for the training at Graspan&Frankton's HQ is in a great setting with excellent road and rail links.The course is well structured with good use of the many learning aids on hand,the level of instru ... (read more)

5 great service

Al round great value. Well planned and managed sessions. Excellent equipment and staff. Very friendly and helpful bunch

5 A good investment in your personal carrier.

Good training received, good teaching skiils, good equipment, weel worth every penny.

5 First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

This course brought the students to a level where they are able to perform First aid in a accurate and complete way. Compared to the European red cross First aid course, this course allowed me to act more precise on reading the signs. It enabled me to ... (read more)


I attended the FPOS (I) course in Nov 2013 at the training centre for NRAM. I have been involved in the security industry for many years and during this time attended many course whether it be initial qualification courses or refresher. My FPOSI qualifi ... (read more)