Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B)

BY: MedSec 7

Price: £299

Qualification: EMT Basic


The Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) EMT-B course is designed for the First Responder to provide medical help whether out and about on the streets in the UK or working in a hostile or challenging environment

The EMT-B Course has been designed to provide personnel with the experience to deal with Pre-Hospital Care situations, and provide the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal effectively with casualties in remote and challenging environments. The course focuses on stabilisation of the patient, through to the skills required for prolonged field care until the arrival of the emergency services

The EMT-B course is designed and ideal for personnel working in Event Medical Cover, Private Ambulance Service, Patient Care Transportation, Emergency Services Personnel, Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Industry, Media personnel, Expedition and Exploration personnel, Medical Support for Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Organisations, Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue

Course location Norwich, East Anglia

Location: East of England

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