4.5135 (37) Reviews Close Protection Course + FPOS-I

BY: G4S (Phoenix)

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Customer Service4.4324
Training Received4.5946
Value for Money4.1622

Price: £3095

Qualification: City & Guilds Level 3


Our Phoenix Close Protection (CP) course provides delegates with the awareness and specialist capabilities to enable them to operate safely and effectively in demanding and complex environments. The course is aimed at service leavers and those already operating within the private security industry.

On completion of this 19 day course, delegates will leave with a City & Guilds Level 3 qualification and will be able to apply for a Security Industry Association (SIA) licence.


Phoenix CP physical intervention, control and restraint
Phoenix CP Tier 1 Medic (Hostile First Person on Scene Intermediate certified by EdExcel)
Hostile environment CP driving
Conflict management and incident reaction
Contingency planning
CP foot and vehicle drills
CP roles, protocols and responsibilities
CP planning and leadership skills
Mobile navigation and communications
Search skills
Threat and risk assessment
Travel pattern analysis and surveillance awareness
Venue based security
Experienced instructors
Our training team is made up of predominately former UK Special Forces personnel who bring with them a mix of operational expertise and professional qualifications to the design and delivery of our courses.

Course location Herefordshire

Location: Midlands

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5 Brilliantly run course.

I really enjoyed this course and I thought it was well structured. Accommodation was great and it was just up the stairs from the classrooms, and dinning room. The admin staff were really helpfull too with sorting out the ELCAS forms to pay for the cour ... (read more)

5 Close Protection Training

In August 2010 I decide that it was time to leave the Army and try a build a career out of something else, I decided I wanted to go and work overseas as a Close Protection Officer. Using my Learning credits from the Army I booked myself a place on the G ... (read more)

4 G4S phoenix close protection

This is a very good course, well delivered with plenty of time to learn the subjects. With being split into teams from the start there is plenty of time to do all roles on exercises and allows plenty of time for the planing of operations.

4 Resettlement

I did this course back in 2006 as part of my resettlement. The quality of the instructors back then was top notch, with everyones fav being, Jane im sure! I recently went back this year to requalify as part of the SIA requierments, again top notch staff. ... (read more)

4 G4S (Phoenix)

A good all round course , but wood bin better if it had firearms course!

4 Phoenix CP course

the course was well set up and the instructors were exellent, having previously worked in iraq before attending the course i learnt a few things.

5 Close Protection Course outcome

This course was well structed. The team of instructors from day one are your friends which makes training alot better. They teach you in the way you want to be trained with no rubbish. Anything you want to know their knowledge is their to provide you with ... (read more)

5 Great instructors

attended the course between the 19th May and 6th June i had a great time on the course learning so much the instructors were great and spent a lot of time making sure everyone understood everything and even stayed on to do 1 on 1 tuition if people needed ... (read more)

5 close protection

Good course with experienced instructors.

5 1st class course

Completed my course in October 2012, a very informative and profesionaly instructed course. I've been working in the industry since then, a very good name, so I highly recommend this course.