5.0000 (4) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

BY: G4S (Phoenix)

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Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £450

Qualification: Edexcel L2 First Person on Scene Intermediate


This four day Edexcel certified First Person on Scene (intermediate) qualification is highly sought after and is ideal for those working in the security industry or travelling to hostile, adverse, remote or challenging environments.

The training includes hands on experience with multiple casualty management and triage, road traffic collision management and medical planning, as well as a systematic approach to the management of trauma. The course also includes practical medical scenarios based on potential threats and situations that may be encountered when operating in a hostile environment, either on land or at sea.


First Person on Scene (intermediate)
Care under fire
Tactical field care
Prolonged field care
Operational imperatives
Hostile vs. urban care
Tactical medical support
Automated external defibrillator
Oxygen therapy
Experienced instructors

All our medical support personnel have extensive operational and pre-hospital care experience gained commercially and through operations with the British Army. Their proven capabilities and our facilities ensure that we deliver a learning experience that enables graduates to operate confidently and effectively in challenging situations.

Location: Midlands

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5 good course with good instructors

good course with experienced instructors

5 Medical

Great course

5 Excellent Instructors

FPOS with the relevant add ons for CP and Hostile Environment. Instructors all have years of experience in there relevant fields including CP, paramedic and a registered nurse. I did it as part of the CP course and had a great 5 days. Whilst a lot of th ... (read more)

5 Highly recommended course for current and future security professionals

I attended the G4S (Phoenix) FPOS-I course as a 'bolt on' to a Close Protection course by the same provider. The course itself was well planned and supported with very good learning aids. The instructors had a wealth of experience and were not affraid to ... (read more)