4.5000 (4) Reviews Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269

BY: Ambrey Risk Limited

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.0000
Training Received4.7500
Value for Money4.0000

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5 Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269

I have been wortking for Ambrey Risk (AR) for a number of years now and knew that the industry was changing and that gone were days that you only had to have an SSO qulaification and to be ex military to stand on the bridge wings hence why I completed my ... (read more)

4 An expense I could of done without

Overall it was an informative course however the cost stung the pocket a fair bit for a piece of paper that felt more like you was lining someone else's pockets rather than benifiting yourself. It was a means to and end as it had become manditory for all ... (read more)

4 MSO (8269) run by Ambrey

As i'm new to the industry i wanted to try and find the most informative training provider i could i finally settled on the MSO (8269) run by Ambrey Risk. the student on the course where a well balanced mix of Ambrey TLs ,experienced MSO's and people ne ... (read more)

5 Very good course and training gained

Course was good as I brand new to this industry so gave myself a good out lay in how things are done