5.0000 (3) Reviews Krav Maga for Security Professionals

BY: SQR Group

Review Breakdown
Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £55


Fundamentals of self-defense and application of self-defense techniques by a close protection officer in response to a threat to a principal. Will include basic body cover, tactical positioning / movement and neutralizing threats against various attacks including knife, gun, stick, etc. Valuable skills for the true professional.

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Location: London

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totally value for money they instructors really know what they are talking about . makes sence and all aspects of CP work was covered ...very enjoyable day i look forward to the next one.

5 krav maga

I trained with MR Joel Bennet at one of his locations in Camden on one of his training for close protection . i found that the cousrse structure was very impressive and the guy obviously know's his stuff. I found everyone on the course and instrucors to ... (read more)

5 Basic, essential & crucial

I consider my individual experience as very positive. I come from a traditional MA as well as RBSD background and trained at variuos Krav Maga institutions and associations. The instructor was very skilled and had loads of resources. The training day wa ... (read more)