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Qualification: Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Close Protection (QCF)


These occupational requirements define the competencies necessary to carry out the functions of a Close Protection Officer anywhere in the world. They are intended as a high level strategic overview of the competencies requisite to fulfil the tasks required in the workplace. They are not designed to describe specific roles; role definitions are normally based on a number of the functions and therefore a number of the occupational requirements.

There is no expectation, therefore, that a job role would encompass all the performance requirements across every standard, rather that specific jobs utilize appropriate occupational requirements. These occupational requirements have been devised based on best practice; each comprises a number of performance criteria where an individual should be able to demonstrate proficiency to be considered competent in the sector.

Period 1: Legislation, Communication & Conflict Management

The role of a CPO requires individuals to be fully conversant with the law and to understand the relationships between the CP industry and official agencies including non-official agencies such as hotel staff etc. This is achieved through classroom discussions, videos and practical scenarios

Period 2: Risk Assessment, Operational Planning & Route Selection

It is important to identify and quantify the risks when working as a CPO, so good planning and preparation is an essential part of the role. Practical exercises and classroom activities incorporate a large part of this module where you will actually plan and prepare for an operation leading to the final training exercise.

Period 3: Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Dealing with Incidents

We will introduce you to the concept of surveillance and counter surveillance which is key to protecting clients seeing as most attacks include some form of surveillance. Preventative and proactive measures to detect surveillance are taught and related to real life incidents. There must also be procedures for when things don’t go as planned, hence you will be introduced to root causes for Criminality and Terrorism and how to be Proactive.

Period 4: Applied Techniques for Close Protection Operations

Most of the physical skills required by a CPO are covered in the final week such as vehicle embus /debus drills, convoy driving and walking drills. Searching of people, venues and vehicles is also taught with demonstration, lecture and practical exercises. Hostile awareness, unarmed combat and protocol may also be included.

Location: Europe

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4 CP Level 3 PBA course

This course was very informative and i thoroughly enjoyed it.