4.6667 (3) Reviews First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)

BY: Solace Global Training

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.6667
Training Received4.6667
Value for Money4.6667

Price: £450


£450 (inc VAT). This four day Edexcel accredited course focuses on the provision of effective trauma management, particularly in hostile or tactical environments. The purpose of the course is to provide immediate life support to a casualty and will include both theoretical and practical sessions.

Location: South West

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5 Excellent course, Professionally delivered, Experienced Instructor.

The course was only attended due to Maritime Industry requirments. However it was one of the most worth while courses I have attended. The Instruction was first class, and although most of it was revision it updated my first aid knowledge. I would reco ... (read more)


This was a great 'hands on' course. The instructor really focussed on the practical side of things and gave us plent of time to learn and refine our skills. It was hard work with home study and review each morning but I would highly recvommend it to any o ... (read more)


I found this course to be spot on, it was both informative and enjoyable. The instructors came from a combination of military and NHS backgrounds and have a wealth of experience to share. Their approach was to concentrate on the essential stuff; the thing ... (read more)