CEER - Basic (TM)

BY: Exmed UK Ltd

Price: £330


"After initially approaching an NHS ambulance service for this training and having EXMED recommended as better, I am very impressed with the level of training above and beyond the required level".

CEER student.

Emergency or First Responders have been proven to have the biggest impact on survivability for those injured or acutely ill in remote locations and should be able to provide initial support and co-ordination of evacuation to further medical support.

The CEER Basic course aims to provide those traveling and working overseas in challenging and often hazardous parts of the world with the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide the immediate response to casualties. Aimed at areas of the world where there is either a delayed, unskilled or non-existent emergency ambulance service.

The course aims to provide the essential underpinning knowledge and skills with an emphasis of understanding the "why" as well as the "how", so that when circumstances occur outside of the norm CEER trained personnel can adapt for the benefit of their injured colleagues.

The course structure is primarily based on providing the student with the fundamental skills required to manage a casualty in a remote/challenging environment. During the 2 days the students will learn the following topics:

- Scene Safety and mechanism of injury
- Airway Management
- BLS and AED
- Breathing assessment and support
- Bleeding and Haemorrhage control
- Management of burns
- Extremity Trauma management
- Basic Head Injury management
- Medical emergencies

This course is underpinned with the First Person on Scene Basic qualification and provides the students with an Edexcel BTEC Level 2 IHCD award. It can be provided internationally and is open to all students; no previous qualifications are required.

Students also receive copies of the Exmed CEER manual and Exmed CEER Pocket Field Guide.

For further information about our courses:

Please contact Exmed UK's Education Coordinator
Office: +44 (0) 1432 355964

We also offer accommodation at Pengethley Manor Hotel where the course is located. Please see the booking page for this course which contains info on prices as the price stated is for the course only.

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