Travel and Expedition Medicine (OCN)

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T&EM Student

Developed for people traveling to remote/austere environments who may have a medical responsibility for themselves and others. This course aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the student by introducing primary health care, health and hygiene, prolonged field care and nursing skills.

The Travel & Expedition Medicine course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge base and all the skills which may be required in an environment where medical assistance may not be available for a substantial amount of time. The skills gained on this course will enable the medic to deal with day to day minor injuries and disease and also be able to provide ongoing care until evacuation becomes available.

At Exmed we aim to provide the essential underpinning knowledge and skills with an emphasis of understanding the "why" as well as the "how". Therefore, when circumstances occur outside of the norm, Exmed trained personnel can adapt for the benefit of their injured or ill colleagues.

The course structure is primarily based on providing the student with the theory and practical skills required to operate in such environments. During the 5 days the students will learn many topics including:

- Medical planning, preparation and camp craft

- Common Primary Health Care issues and treatments.

- Environmental conditions Heat/Cold/Altitude/Drowning/Dive medicine.

- Use of Analgesia and Antibiotics

- Emergency dentistry (Taught by Remote Dental Expert)

- Patient history taking and clinical examination

- Wound cleansing and common closure types

- Muscular skeletal injuries (Taught by Physiotherapist)

- Tropical diseases and prevention.

- Bites, stings and envenomations (Including time with Exotic animal handler)

- Prolonged field care of casualties and Evacuation (Including visit to Heli-med Base).

This course naturally follows on from our MIRA course however candidates may be able to take this course in isolation or prior to the MIRA course. To attend this course the candidate will have had to successfully completed the CEER/FPOS Intermediate or equivalent prior to booking.

Students also receive a certified 5 educational credits at Level three from OCN Credit4Learning.


For further information about our courses:

Please contact Exmed UK's Education Coordinator
Office: +44 (0) 1432 355964

We also offer accommodation at Pengethley Manor Hotel where the course is located. Please see the booking page for this course which contains info on prices as the price stated is for the course only.

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