5.0000 (4) Reviews Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

BY: ESS Consulting Limited

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Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000

Price: £450

Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award Open Source Intelligence


About the Qualification

This ESS course offers unquestionable value and a measured return on investment could be gained within the very first search. The course has received outstanding testimonials and it is currently the only course in its field to be endorsed by Industry Qualifications.

The ESS Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course will train the student to an advanced level in gathering intelligence primarily using desktop research. It will provide an introduction to the deep web and covers topics from advanced search techniques to security and traceability. Techniques range from simple to complex search strategies in order to gain ‘hidden’ information on both individuals and corporate entities. In this course, ESS will reveal sources that are generally unknown and remain untapped.

The benefits of uncovering this concealed information could influence the success rate of a business and can also translate to financial savings. Students will be trained to find an extensive range of data in less time thereby becoming commercially more efficient and effective.

This course will benefit the following:

  • Private Investigators & Covert Surveillance Operators
  • Security Companies
  • Recruitment Agencies & Human Resource Departments
  • Legal Professionals
  • Media Research/Journalism
  • Vetting Officers at Institutions
  • Corporate Investment research
  • Private Individuals; trace family history and be more secure on-line

Topics Covered Include:

  • Relevant Legal Acts
  • Image Searches
  • International Searches
  • Tracing emails / domain details / IP addresses
  • Social networks
  • Company & Director information
  • Search historical versions of websites
  • Property searches
  • Monitoring websites
  • Useful databases, websites & software
  • Analysing data to produce intelligence
  • Creating an audit trail
  • Preparing an intelligence report
  • Protecting your work

Location: South East

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5 Surveillance Training

"I am not an IT expert and this course is pretty full on with IT skills, but I got some amazing information and techniques to use. I also now understand how I can hide my tracks when doing some background research on targets for surveillance so they never ... (read more)

5 Vital training for any researcher

I was so taken back by the level of knowledge to be gained by this course, that following my attendance I set about to have ESS Consulting provide training for the company in which I work. Any departments that use research as a means of information can in ... (read more)

5 Highly Recommend 5*****

Currently serving in the Army as a Intelligence Analyst within a Armoured Infantry Battalion. I have undergone the MODs Tactical Intelligence Course (Afghanistan) which was hard but out of date. This course being taught by ESS Consulting is by far the bes ... (read more)

5 Eye opening

The Osint course is such an eye opener, not only will it make you realise more about your own online security but I would be amazed if you didn't make your money for the course back extremely quickly with the information you can now find out after the cou ... (read more)