Advanced Covert Surveillance

BY: ESS Consulting Limited

Price: £992

Qualification: IQ Level 4 Award Advanced Covert Surveillance


About this Qualification

This course is structured for the advanced student. The training will cover a range of advanced techniques for foot and mobile surveillance, single crew surveillance, technical surveillance and static observation posts. The course also covers managing an operation with commercial efficiency, marketing your presence and constructing an effective portfolio.

Knowledge has been drawn from numerous assignments focussing on surveillance aware targets. Typically operating procedures against these targets have a different perspective and approach in order to achieve any kind of success. The success achieved by ESS against surveillance aware targets is undisputed and unrivalled and we bring those highly successful techniques to the advanced surveillance training program and specifically to this Level 4 course.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Advanced foot and mobile techniques
  • Single crew surveillance
  • Technical surveillance
  • Static observation posts
  • Open source intelligence gathering
  • Planning and preparing an operation
  • Management of the surveillance operation
  • Briefing and debriefing the surveillance operation
  • RIPA and Codes of Practice
  • Evidence gathering and report writing
  • Achieving professional recognition
  • Commercially achievability

In addition to our specialist training, each student will be given the opportunity to observe a live operation with ESS which can typically involve implementing the following techniques:

  • Tracing an aware target that does not wish to be located using advanced open source intelligence research
  • Covert reconnaissance and identification of the target
  • Planning and preparation; briefing the operation
  • Conducting the surveillance operation
  • Confronting the target with a media production company and implementing low profile close protection
  • Evacuating the area to a designated rendezvous point
  • Implementing sophisticated anti surveillance procedures
  • Debriefing the operation


Assessment is through a workbook completed on the course.


5 days classroom and practical assignments.

Location: South East

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