Physical Security Penetration Testing

BY: ESS Consulting Limited

Price: £450

Qualification: IQ Level 3 Award Security Penetration Testing


IQ Level 3 Award for Security Penetration Testing

Security Penetration Testing is the planned and agreed infiltration and simulated attack to premises and/or persons. The procedures are carried out in a controlled manner but undertaken covertly to simulate the reality of criminal or terrorist reconnaissance and attack.

The client benefits associated with Security Penetration Tests are numerous. This specialist testing enables the client to have a real and valuable insight into their existing security protocols and emergency contingency procedures and highlights weaknesses within their organisation. When conducted correctly testing will expose human and technical vulnerabilities.

ESS currently undertakes physical Security Penetration Tests on individuals and larger corporations who are deemed to be ‘at risk’. For example, in 2010 ESS were responsible for testing the General Election live debate locations and more recently has been undertaking tests on an ‘at risk’ media corporation with multiple nationwide sites. ESS also regularly carries out tests for individuals at risk from kidnap and terrorism.

This is a lucrative and skilled area of business that ESS Consulting have specialised in since 2002. This subject is now part of a unique training program designed by ESS for students wishing to add value to their existing skillset and enhance their market presence.

About this Qualification

ESS are industry leaders on physical security penetration testing and the first training provider to offer an accredited endorsed level 3 qualification for this specialist subject. You will learn and understand the following subjects over 3 days of tuition:

  • Covert reconnaissance
  • Specific targeting using open source intelligence gathering
  • Identifying routines and lifestyle patterns of key individuals
  • Criminal behaviour and mindset
  • Access control methods
  • Planning and preparing of a simulated attack
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Secure site penetration testing
  • Operational debrief and report presentation


Assessment will be through a multiple-choice examination and observation of set assignments.

Our training program teaches the student how to conduct physical security penetration testing and present the outcomes in a professional accepted format, allowing your client to understand and take the necessary steps to minimise and eliminate unacceptable security risks.


3 days classroom and practical assignments.

Note that due to the nature of the subject material and training methods taught, any student enrolling for this training program will be required to provide a reference, identity documentation before acceptance.

Location: South East

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