First Aid At Work (FAAW)

BY: Centric First Aid Training

Price: £175

Qualification: HSE Compliant FAW / Serialised


This a reduced price course for those in the Security Industry. Please tell us you saw us on 'The Security Advisor' online, and the price listed above.

The stated price does not include overseas travel if required, or premises hire if outside of our authroised training centres. Please call for details.

Course covers:

*Being Safe – best practise including prevention of cross-infection.

*Vital Signs – temperature, colour, pulse, breathing, level of consciousness.

*Incident Handling – a systematic approach to problem solving & decision making.

*Unconsciousness – managing the unconscious casualty to ensure a safe airway, including seizure.

*CPR & Choking – dealing with the non breathing casualty, including drowning.

*Wounds & Bleeding – dealing with external & internal bleeding and shock.

*Minor Injuries – small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters.

*Major Injuries – injuries to bones including suspected head injuries, spinal injuries and chest injuries.

​*Soft tissue injuries – to muscles & joints including dislocations.

*Major Burns and Scalds.

*Eye Injuries – including how to irrigate an eye.

*Sudden Poisoning & Stings - including anaphylactic shock.

*Major Illnesses – recognising the presence of including heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.

*Monitoring – Casualty Cards & monitoring plus hand over to rescue services.

*Record Keeping – recording incidents and actions.

*First Aid Regulations – some awareness including First Aid kits.

Location: Other

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