7 Day Security Chauffeur Course accredited by RoSPA

BY: Specialist Operations Academy

Price: £1695

Qualification: RoSPA Award in Security Chauffeuring, RoSPA Award in Advanced Driving (Silver or Gold) BTEC Level 3 advanced award in advanced driving (Extra cost)




Driving Risk Assessment

The system of car control

 Cockpit check

 Vehicle Checks (first parade)

 Vehicle Security & Search

Driving posture

Day 1 PM and day 2 and 3 intensive on road advanced driver training throughout the North of England

Day 3- RoSPA driving assessment with a Silver or Gold needed to proceed to Security element of course

Day 4- OFF Road escape and evasion - skills covered

High Speed Driving & Handling Techniques

 Traction Control and ABS Appreciation

 High Speed Turns Skid Control & Correction

J Turn, Y Turn, High Speed Slalom (forward and reverse)

Rapid Reverse, Reverse 180, Forward 180

Driving with limited or loss of vision


Day 5/6/7 Security driving principals

Escape and evasion techniques (both defensive and offensive)

Route planning and reconnaissance

Use of radios and non-verbal techniques

Pick up and set down techniques

Convoy driving using standard limo and 4x4 vehicles

2 car drills focusing on driving lead vehicle

2 car drills focusing on driving back up vehicle (4x4)

General Security Principles & Mobile Security

Location: North West

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