5.0000 (1) Review Tactical and Close Protection Critical Care Training

BY: Medipro Training Ltd

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Price: £2160

Qualification: Tactical and close protection critical care by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS) by Edexcel, RTC Awareness


This course has been developed through demand from our learners who specifically work in the close protection, hostile, remote and tactical arena. Although it is internationally recognised that the FPOS intermediate is the entry standard for basic medical providers, sometimes learners just want 'a little but more'. Medipro's TACCCT course bridges a large gap between the FPOS/MIRA tier 1 provider and the advanced tier 2 clinician. Although the FPOS programme that Medipro deliver is a fantastic course and does exactly what it is intended to do, some learners not only require more knowledge and skills but so do their patients within the environments they work. The programme will equip learners with a greater understanding of injuries, conditions and care under fire as well as some new additional skills and knowledge that could make a difference to your patients. Learners need to be aware this is a clinical course focusing on clinical knowledge and skills. Why choose this course: Approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Each learner will also be awarded the IHCD FPOS intermediate and the MIRA approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh RTC Awareness certificate Advanced knowledge and skills Awareness of invasive techniques to enable learners to assist with more confidence ELCAS fundable Delivered by practicing clinicians Very practically focused Learners gain access to 'livedrive' our online learning cloud for pre-reading and regular clinical updates

Location: North East

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5 Well worth the money.

An excellent three week course. Week 1 FPOSI Week 2 TACCCT Week 3 MIRA Tutors were top notch and could not have been more helpful.