4.7500 (4) Reviews Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (HEPCO)

BY: Perseus Risk Management

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Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money4.7500

Price: £1850

Qualification: BTEC Level 4


This is the ONLY HECP course that Edexcel have accredited and is owned solely by Perseus Risk Management. It is designed to serve primarily as a Pre-Deployment induction course for those CPOs wishing to work in the worlds many non-permissive environments whilst offering a BTEC Level 4 qualification upon completion. Perseus Risk Managements HECP Pre-Deployment Training Course comprises of 10 days of realistic ground-truth training. This intense and invaluable training package takes place at our unsurpassed 1300 acre HECP training facility and incorporates the use of weapon systems converted for paint-ball use and Military spec soft skinned and armoured vehicles along with static Lynx helicopters which are used during the training scenarios as both enemy and friendly forces simulation. These unique training methods add unparalleled realism to our practical exercise scenarios, which are based on actual incidents that our instructors have experienced in a variety of hostile environments around the world and also taking into account the current TTPs of terrorist organisations in Iraq and Afghanistan. All students will have the opportunity to display both their individual and leadership qualities throughout the course with everyone taking the role of Team Leader at various stages of the course. Modules include: 1. Pre-deployment administrative requirements & introduction to operating in hostile environments 2. Cultural awareness 3. Small-team tactics, including; Communications, Vehicle and Dismounted Body-Cover drills 4. On foot and vehicle anti-ambush drills with IED Awareness training 5. Reacting to Trauma and Medical crisis in a hostile environment including Medevac/Casevac procedures 6. Rules for the Use of Force and Graduated Response (RUF/GR) 7. Fitness assessment designed to assess physical and mental robustness 8. Rules on Use of Force, Firearms Competency (RUF2C) & Security Equipment. This course meets the guideline requirements recommended within ISO 28007. The RUF2C & Security Equipment course has been specifically designed for individuals employed as armed security personnel in either the Close Protection or Maritime Anti-Piracy role. . A detailed training report grading the overall performance of the student will be produced and made available to prospective employers (with the students permission), who can then form a decision on whether or not the candidate is suitable for deployment. The majority of hostile environment security contracts are now moving away from government subsidised contracts to those of a commercial nature where the luxury of an induction course is becoming a rare occurrence. Companies expect ALL HECP operatives to be fully mission capable on day one of deployment and this realistic ground truth course will ensure that all successful candidates will hit the ground running in their deployed theatres of operation. NB: Only candidates with military or police backgrounds will be considered for the Hostile Environment Close Protection course due to the pre-course skill-set and experience required to be successful. Examination is by way of theoretical and practical performance assessments throughout the course.Book this Course

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5 Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

I my self found the course a eye opening and thats is because there was loads more we could of gone through but for the duration of the course length it was of good sound teaching that the instructors gave to the students for whom ever shall want to tak ... (read more)

5 Covers exactly what was provided

I attended this course in July 2012. The course is set in an almost perfect location with all facilities close at hand. As the course was limited to no more than 12 students, the instructor student ratio was superb. All students were give many opportun ... (read more)

4 perseus review

great course well instructed good location very grown up and adult approach. god course pace and due to the numbers being restricted you get a lot of 1 to 1 training. accommadation is of a high standard a private b and b but i think the best part of the w ... (read more)

5 Oustanding !!!

I recently attended this course after finding about it on the internet, being a bit apprehensive about pursuing this new change of career my fears were soon laid to rest by the MD of the company Steve Lamdert, this alone impressed me being able to speak h ... (read more)