4.8000 (5) Reviews Hostile Environment & Corporate Close Protection Training

BY: Perseus Risk Management

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Customer Service4.8000
Training Received4.8000
Value for Money4.6000

Price: £3830

Qualification: BTEC Level 4


Upon completion, each Candidate will have earned: * BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection Operations enabling them to apply for the front line SIA Badge. * BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Hostile Environment CP Operations (unique to Perseus). This customised course is the ONLY one of its kind to be accredited at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework on the Circuit today. * First Person On the Scene - Intermediate. (The recognised industry standard Medical qualification). * Rules on Use of Force, Firearms Competency (RUF2C) & Security Equipment. This course meets the guideline requirements recommended within ISO 28007. The RUF2C & Security Equipment course has been specifically designed for individuals employed as armed security personnel in either the Close Protection or Maritime Anti-Piracy role. All successful candidates will have interviews arranged for them with the HR Managers of respected Private Security Companies upon course completion. The interviews usually take place at our academy, dependent on the availability of the respective HR Managers. This has proven to be an invaluable arrangement, which to date, has seen well over 90% of our students gain employment in Hostile Environments as a direct result, within three months of finishing the course, as positions become available. Earn the Industry standard CP and Medical qualifications, along with the unique Level 4 HECP Professional Award, over 28 days of intensive learning on one course at the Perseus academy. This course is unsurpassed on the Circuit and when booked, you will receive a £970 saving as opposed to attending each course individually

Location: Midlands

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5 Elite CP 4

Excellent package of CPO/HECPO and FPOS I Did the course in September 2013 and was working by mid October. 3 Interviews and 2 job offers. Training team excellent, with good training facilities and accomodation, food excellent...

5 Perseus HECPO course - Warwickshire £4520

As stated in the title the total course cost for the HECPO CP Elite 4 exec, fposi and hostile course is £4520 not £3120 as stated on here. Steve lambert, the company director is incredibly well connected and has bags of operatio ... (read more)

5 Exceptional Experience

In my resettlement I started and ran a online forum called Termination Sharepoint. I started it to get the best of the best together in a forum with Forces Leavers to help spread advice, insight and guidance for all those within to benefit from and contri ... (read more)

5 CP Elite

Great tutors and fantastic course. Course included CP level 3, HECP level 4 and FPOS-i.