Close Protection + PMC + MIRA

BY: Hawk Eyes Protection Ltd

Price: £5999

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Close Protection + MIRA (medics in remote areas) + Private Military Contractor Certificate + Private Investigations


Our new and unique course which consists of Close Protection + PMC training (Europe) + MIRA (medics in remote area) + PI (private investigation) + Self Defence Workshop + Advance Driving + Survival Tactics. We have designed this course to suit the needs of those who are willing to work and cover all the aspects of security & close protection. This course is run for 6 weeks and includes Level 3 Close Protection, PMC (private military contractor ) training in Europe + MIRA + Self Defence Workshop + Advance Driving + Private Investigation Training. The training package cost is £5999 with flights & accommodation. Once completing this course you will become a fully qualified close protection operative who can work in all kinds of environments & conditions. We will be covering in depth knowledge of close protection, PMC, MIRA, Advanced driving, private investigation, armed & unarmed self defence.

Course starts on 20th April - 3rd June 2015

Course breakdown:

22 days Close Protection Course, 5 days MIRA, 3 days Self Defence Workshop, 2 days Advance Driving, 2 days Private Investigation Course, 7 days PMC Course (Europe) 2 days travelling to and from Europe, 1 day survival skills activity camp

First 22 days you will be learning the BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Course including Live Scenarios followed by a multiple choice exam, once close protection has been completed you will move on to the MIRA Course, for the next five days you will be learning medical skills to help you in any hostile environment. After MIRA you will be taught 3 days of armed and unarmd self defence skills.

Having completed the first 30 days in UK you will be travelling to Poland to complete a 7 days PMC (private military contractor course) + 2 days will be for travelling to and from Poland.

Once you have arrived back in the UK you will be taught 2 days of Advance Driving + 2 days of Private Investigation techniques followed by 1 day of survival skills at an activity camp.

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Hawk Eyes Protection

Location: London

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