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Qualification: EDEXCEL Level 3 Close Protection Operations


The Galahad Associates Close Protection Operators course is an intensive 25-day package that introduces all of the skills needed to operate effectively in a range of environments, whether that's with a middle eastern royal family in London, an oil company executive in Tripoli or an A-list celebrity in Beverly Hills.

This course was designed in response to the consensus amongst industry professionals and employers, that the average SIA close protection courses currently being offered fail to meet the standards required for this highly specialised and demanding role.

The Galahad course naturally covers all of the modules required for the application of an SIA licence:

Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
Threat and Risk Assessment
Surveillance Awareness
Operational Planning
Law and Legislation
Interpersonal Skills
Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
Conduct Reconnaissance
Close Protection Foot Drills
Route Selection
Close Protection Journey Management
Search Procedures
Incident Management
Venue SecurityConflict management

However that isnt our primary aim, instead we strive to produce skilled operators who can provide effective Close Protection worldwide, regardless of the location, threat level or profile of the principal.

Comprising of over 200 hours of training, this is the only course for those who are truly committed to achieving their goals in the world of commercial Close Protection.

In addition to the basic SIA modules the following essential skills are also covered during the course:

In-depth covert surveillance package
Quality counter and anti surveillance skills are the best defence a CPO has against hostile threats. The level of surveillance training on our CP course is so in depth it leads to the award of a level 3 qualification.

Hostile environment awareness package
Subjects covered in this phase include off-road driving, advanced navigation, personal survival, reaction to kidnap, armoured convoy drills and reaction to armed attack.

High Threat Medic
The First Person on Scene (FPOS-I) medical qualification is fast becoming the standard required by most employers and clients. We include a highly practical and security specific medical package as part of the CP course that leads to this qualification.

Unarmed combat and physical intervention
Believe it or not the SIA and many training providers see no need to include these skills in a CP course. At Galahad we believe in training for the worst case scenario and therefore we provide physical training and unarmed combat on most days of the course.

Celebrity Protection Skills
Essential for anyone wishing to find work within the world of celebrity protection. This phase explores the particular skills needed to deal with high maintenance principals, pushy paparazzi and over zealous fans.

International travel planning
Learning how to move your principal internationally using a range of travel options including private aircraft and super yachts

Anti-Ambush and protective driving
An exciting part of the course that looks at reaction to vehicle ambush, evasive driving and counter attack skills.

Qualifications Gained

Level 3 Certificate Close Protection Operations

Level 3 Award Covert Sureveillance Operations

Level 2 Award First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSI)

Galahad Protective Driving certificate

Galahad Hostile Environment Awareness Certificate

4 Day Live firearms package


The full 25-day course including FPOS-I costs £2999 including flights, meals and accommodation

The 21-day course excluding the FPOS-I costs £2600 including flights, meals and accommodation

2014 Dates

October 7th to October 31st

2015 Dates

March 3rd - March 27th
May 5th - May 29th
July 7th - July 31st
Sept 1st - Sept 25th


A payment of £300 is required to book a place on the course with the remaining balance to be paid before the course commences.

For more information or to make a booking please contact Jamie on 01202 313720

Or visit us at www.galahad-associates.com/training-courses

Location: Europe

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