4.8000 (5) Reviews Live Firearms (M4s) UK Based - 2 Day

BY: Associated Risks Group

Review Breakdown
Customer Service5.0000
Training Received4.8000
Value for Money4.8000

Price: £450

Qualification: ARG 2 Day Hostile Firearms


ARG is based in the North East of England and we are the only Close Protection-Firearms Training company in the UK that provide live Firearms training (M4 Support Weapons) in the UK with our purpose built ranges. This course has been developed by the UK leading expert in firearms training Mr Bob Dunkley. Bob has over 30 years experience teaching Special Forces from across the world. The course was designed for Close Protection Operatives who deploy overseas in Hostile Environments or the Maritime Security Industry.

With purpose built indoor and outdoor ranges, which are licenced under UK legislation.
This 2 day course allows you to use live ammunition (M4) in the UK, and recieve the expertise tuition from the UKs leading Firearms instructor and the confidence in knowing the skills and drills taught are current and best practise.

Location: North East

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5 ARG 2 Day Hostile Firearms

I attended the ARG 2 day hostile Firearms course, run by ARG and Bob Dunkley Firearms, in July 2016. This 2 day course was a combination of both the pistol course and maritime firearms course with additional training on such skills as transition drills; f ... (read more)

5 Good course

Good courseĀ 

5 Price is what you pay - Value is what you get

As a complete firearms rookie, I attended ARG's course with trepidation - but I needn't have worried. With Paul (and Sam's) unrivalled knowledge, outstanding teaching skills, patience and humour, I was put at ease immediately. The course is a series of 'b ... (read more)

4 A decent course

A course well worth doing, the instructors were great. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about firearms and progressing in their careers.

5 M4 3 Day Training

This course was simply excellent. After years of doing my own thing, this brought my focus and my relaxed skills back up to the level they needed to be at. everything was practised and drilled including moving from primary to secondary whilst keeping ey ... (read more)