Protective Security Development Program

BY: CTR Services Ltd

Price: £2410

Qualification: BNU Level 3 in Protective Security plus additional Level 3 Quals


The Protective Security Development Program provided by CTR Services has been designed to ensure you receive enhanced learning in your new career as a security professional. The program is made up of centre based and distance/e-learning courses accredited at Level 3 and is achieved by successfully completing each element of the program, the program normally takes between 3 to 6 months to complete dependent on your time commitment. This specialist program consisting of security related units covers the fundamental knowledge of close protection, security management and also maritime security. The program is a blend of centre based study and further distance learning through the use of our elearning management system. The program consists of the following qualifications: Level 3 Certificate in Protective Security (CP) - Bucks New University Level 3 Organisation Award in Security Management - Industry Qualifications Level 3 Organisation Award for Anti Piracy Operatives - Industry Qualifications Terrorism Awareness Credit Course On enrolling on this program you will be required to attend our training centre in order to complete the 16 day Close protection course (Certificate in Protective Security). On the induction day you will receive further guidance on the program requirements as well as fulfilling the first stage of the program, which is our 16 day CP course.

Location: South East

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