Specialist Defensive Driving

BY: CTR Services Ltd

Price: £1145

Qualification: CTR Services Certificate


The Specialist Defensive Driving course has been designed for those involved with security driving in high risk situations and areas of security whereby an advanced level of driving competency is required. The course is based on the UK police driving operational fundamentals and is delivered by UK Police Advanced Drivers and UK military personnel. This specialist program has been designed to teach students the fundamental principles of police and military advanced driving and control, the course also includes anti hijack and skid pan control elements ensuring a high level of teaching. The course is delivered over 5 days with the majority of the course being of a practical nature using our specialist skid pan, speed track and public roads here in Norfolk, UK. The course will cover: Day 1: Introduction to course. Fundamentals of protective driving. Case Studies and Operational considerations. Vehicle/Road orientation. Day 2: Driver theory (based on UK Police Advanced Drivers Handbook). Demonstration drive with full commentary practical. Individual driver assessment. Debrief. Day 3: Concentration - Observation - Anticipation - Reaction. Hazard perception and analyses. The system of car control - Position - Speed - Gear Space management. Safe overtaking techniques. Road positioning and correct bend lines. ABS and braking techniques. FWD/RWD handling techniques and characteristics. Motorway driving techniques (Major Roads). Day 4: Skid pan and Anti Hijack. Actions on and reactive security drills. Over and under steer. Avoidance braking techniques. Front and rear wheel drive. Embus and Debus techniques. U turns. J turns. Convoy protection including techniques at speed. Day 5: Route planning. Operational considerations. Anti surveillance techniques. Close Protection orientated drills and procedures. Course debrief and disposal.

Location: South East

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