Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysis Training

BY: Carratu

Price: £550

Qualification: Carratu Certificate


OSINT is a means of intelligence collection that has been in practice since WW2, with resources during this time being limited and not what they are today, HUMINT, aerial photography, newspapers or books were used to gather the information needed by an organisation. Today policy makers use various research tools to ensure that governance being conducted is in line with current legislation or competition. Data Mining and Competitive intelligence, often referred to as a form of industrial espionage is used to market the competition between companies or employee screening using social media, discovering the security breaches for your organisation or reducing loss prevention by conducting OSINT all help with industry. Electoral roll, publications, media, social networking sites, forums and blogs or even listening to a podcast can all help with the OSINT collection. All intelligence gathered is judged and actionable by the collection process used, that's why at CARRATU we include the Intelligence Cycle as part of our teaching programme, and this ensures that the data collected is credible, timely and actionable. Our course is based upon 4 days of intense hands on training with a morning's theory followed by a full afternoon of practical challenges, which are designed to be relevant to each student OSINT requirement's and encourage working as a team throughout the process. Our course may be longer than our competitor's however; we want our students to complete our course knowing that they are confident researchers and have a full understanding of the process and the research tools that are available to them. This includes the ability to research without being researched by creating their own Sock Puppet or Cyber Spy. At CARRATU we not only teach OSINT, but offer an aftercare service. We have conducted research into companies or individuals which has led to investigations including surveillance and test purchasing, which in several instances has resulted in criminal proceedings. Our courses are completely mobile so all you need is internet access and a computer (minimum of 5 students) in the UK. Please refer to our contacts page for further details

Location: London

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